Love Lilli Ann

Posted: May 29 2014



Vintage Fashionistas will be well aware of the famous Lilli Ann label and its wonderful high-end garments. I must confess I developed a passion for this company due to the bevy of beautiful, elaborately designed coats and suits that one could find in earlier times. Nowadays, the pieces are harder to find and definitely an investment piece, commanding a high price tag.

The company started up in San Francisco in 1933 by Adolph Schuman, naming it after his wife, Lillian. Apart from the brilliant designs and meticulous construction of Lilli Ann garments, the label was also famous for its exclusive textiles. The fabrics were high quality and hand-loomed in France and Italy, many solely for Lilli Ann and not produced elsewhere. In the 1960s, the popular Lilli Ann Knits line was introduced as well as a mod-inspired London line.  If you are lucky enough to own a Lilli Ann garment you will know why they are held in such high regard....