About Us


Welcome to Coutura Vintage!


We are an online vintage clothing boutique offering a superb selection of designer, couture and dressmaker clothing spanning over one hundred years – everything from the 1880s to the 1980s.


The proprietor, Lena Slater has been collecting fashion related items and memorabilia since the 1970s. Everyone that has met Lena will know she has a true passion for vintage – not only for the history of each era represented in her collection but also for the labels, textiles and manufacturing techniques of these items. It goes without saying that Lena is also passionate about her customers, going to great lengths to make sure that the clothes suit every style, figure and budget.


“Vintage clothes come to life when they are worn. I delight to see them being tried on and witness the expression on my customers’ faces when they see how transforming they are - not to mention many passers by who invariably congregate to see the impromptu fashion parade.”


Coutura Vintage attends the foremost vintage clothing fairs within Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane as well as many other regional cities. As a proud member of the Australian Antiques and Art Dealers Association of Australia, Coutura Vintage also exhibits at the two major fairs held in Sydney and Melbourne each year. For information and free entry tickets to fairs follow Coutura Vintage on Facebook – www.facebook.com/couturavintage


Lena also sells and hires her collection to film, stage and television, several of which are currently airing on national television. In addition, she has been called upon to deliver lectures and exhibitions on various facets of the fashion industry. One of her special interests is the fashion in the movies, especially the designers from ‘Old Hollywood’.


Please feel free to email Lena with any special requests you may have at couturavintage@bigpond.com